Kosmic Absolute – Beyond the Game of Duality

Beyond duality is Non-duality, a parallel concept that leads us to the ABSOLUTE.


One of the main purposes of this workshop is to throw light on the Ascension Drama and guide souls to “Let Go Off the Old teachings of Dimensional Evolution based on Karma. There is no such thing as Ladder of Evolution in these Magical Times. The Old methods of Merkaba are now in question as the Truth is out. Most of the MErkaba teachings have been channelled in ignorance and for Mass control. They are the teachings of the dark alliances to control the Human’s rightful 12 strand Angelic DNA and to imprison them in the Ascension Game.

Below are some of the topics covered in this Workshop:
1. Experiential Workshop for Awakening, Transformation and Transcendence

2. Topics Covered and Explained Through the Fusion Teachings

3. The Story of the Kosmos – Kosmic Hide and Seek

4. Kosmic Order and Laws of the Universe

5. Kosmic Rays and Star Origins

6. Laws of Pure Integrity

7. Dragon’s Ley Lines (Cosmic eggs, Dragon seed)

8. Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal Children

9. Ascended Masters and the Teachers who Visited Earth and their DNA

10. Vibrations, Frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Merkaba, Flower of Life, Solar Discs, Holograms

11. Stargate disclosures whilst in the Photon Belt

12.Crystalline Light Body and Human DNA Potential

13. Whale, Dolphins and Underwater Intelligence

14. Dense Karmia Templates, Belief Work, Reptilian Control (nothing to do with conspiracy theory but in wholeness to the Divine Plan and Will)

15. Ascension Drama and Elimination of the Game

16. Sacred Power Places and Their Significance, Stories from Mythology to understand the Creation of Dragon’s Ley Lines (Cosmic eggs, Dragon seed)

17. Indigo/ Rainbow/ Crystal Children

18. Ascended Masters and Teachers who Visited Earth and their DNA

The Star Gates are bringing in the merger through the Photon Belt and we can take a Super Sonic Short Cut back to the Zero Point

This short cut is open until the star gates are in alignment from 2012 to 2017 for which so many of us having come here in large numbers from different stars and dimensions to take the quantum leap.

This workshop is available in 1 to 3 day formats available via in-person and webinars

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Truth – Beyond the Game of Duality